The Meyra Group consists of two main divisions:

A. Production and Distribution Division

The Group’s production activity, including high-quality products with a wide range of applications in orthopaedics and rehabilitation, is carried out by Meyra in Germany and by MDH in Poland.

  • MEYRA GmbH – manufacturing and distribution activities in the wholesale channel in Germany, and export to 65 countries around the world. In addition, through foreign companies located in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia, the Company sells Meyra brand products in these markets.
  • MDH Sp. z o.o. – distribution activity in the wholesale channel in Poland is also concentrated in MDH Sp. z o.o. and its subsidiaries. The wholesale distribution is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation by Medort RU and its subsidiaries. In Hungary, the wholesale trade is operated by Rehab.
  • Meyra ĆR s.r.o.
  • Meyra RU O.O.O.
  • Rehab Zrt.
  • Meyra Aps
  • Meyra HU kft.
  • Qmed Germany GmbH

Distribution in the wholesale channel includes the sale of well-known private labels, i.e. Meyra, Memo, Qmed, and Viteacare.

B. Retail Division

Distribution activity in the retail channel is conducted by the Life+ Group’s companies, which includes:

Meyra Group has the position of a key retail distributor in Poland in terms of the number of controlled retail outlets with the nearly 10% share in the orthopaedic-rehabilitative reimbursed market.