Announcement on Early Partial Redemption of Series C Bonds

In relation with the procedure of early redemption of 7,000 series C bonds of Medort S.A. (“Issuer”), on the basis of the resolution of the Issuer’s Management Board No. 3/05/2017 of 24 May 2017 and the terms of issue of series C bonds, the Issuer hereby provides information on the participation in the early redemption of bonds by bondholders of C series bonds.

Pursuant to the National Securities Deposit’s regulations, the National Securities Deposit provided participants with information on the early redemption of 7,000 series C bonds of the Issuer. Today (6 June 2017), the National Securities Deposit’s participants (banks and brokerage houses) maintaining securities accounts, on which C-series bonds are registered, will inform bondholders of the presentation of bonds held for redemption. In order to participate in an early redemption, you must submit an appropriate instruction to the National Securities Deposit’s participant keeping your account today.

If bondholders submit bonds redemption instructions, the total number of which exceeds 7,000, the National Securities Deposit will reduce the redeemable bonds proportionally, and thus the number of bonds bought from a particular bondholder may be lower than the number of bonds presented for redemption.

The redemption (the derecognition of bonds from bondholders’ accounts) will be effected on 7 June 2017.