Welcome to Meyra Group

Meyra Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor, both in the wholesale and retail channels, of rehabilitation equipment and non-invasive orthopaedic aids. We are a medical company founded by Tomasz Perner, PhD. Currently, the Meyra Group has transformed into a group of companies focusing on home care products, rehabilitation services, and non-invasive orthopaedic products, offered mainly to customers in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Russian Federation. Group’s products and goods are exported to 70 countries. The Group currently operates 12 companies, employing in total over 550 people.

About us

Meyra Group is a leading manufacturer in the European market of rehabilitation and orthopaedic equipment as well as the leader of the German, Polish, and Hungarian rehabilitation market.
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Our brands

Thanks to our strong brands we reach customers in Europe and Asia.
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Investor relations

Meyra Group forms a synergic Group of companies to restore people’s efficiency in daily activities create value for shareholders through the satisfaction of their customers.
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Global CFO Excellence Award

We are happy to announce our CFO Mr. Paweł Robak has been awarded as Medical Equipment CFO of the Year 2019- Poland, in competition “Global CFO Excellence Award” proudly hosted […]

Meyra Speed Team participates in Lodz Business Run 2018 relay!

We are pleased to announce Meyra Speed Team (in order of changes): Maciej Błaszczyk, Marcin Kopiec, Ola Sipa, Marcin Paul, Michał Dublański participated in Lodz Business Run 2018 relay and […]