Meyra GmbH

MEYRA is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids.
Meyra’s products help people with disabilities in their daily lives, at home, on the go, during rehabilitation or sports.
MEYRA has been combining knowledge, commitment, and a strong brand for more than 80 years – offering professional medical solutions to its customers.
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MDH Sp. z o.o.

It is a leading Polish manufacturer of medical equipment such as rehabilitation and orthopaedic equipment. The Company offers its products online and in most Polish medical outlets. The main brands are Viteacare, Memo, Qmed, and Meyra Medical.
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Rehab Zrt.

Rehab is a company with over 100 years of tradition. The Company controls over 50% of the Hungarian rehabilitation market, mainly offering products under the Rehab brand and also distributing products of other rehabilitation companies. It also develops the sale of orthopaedic products (Qmed, Memo). Rehab has its franchise network.
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Grupa Life Plus

The Life Plus Group includes a chain of retail outlets in Poland and formally consists of three companies. Life Plus medical outlets offer a wide range of medical products such as rehabilitation, orthopaedic, and supporting equipment.

Meyra ĆR s.r.o.

Meyra Czech Republic is a company mainly distributing Meyra Group’s products in the Czech Republic, as well as a retailer offering products directly to patients through a network of 7 retail outlets in major cities.
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Meyra HU kft.

Meyra Hungary is the oldest non-Hungarian company in the rehabilitation industry present in this territory since the fall of the previous system. The Company has two retail outlets in Budapest.
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OOO Meyra RU

Meyra Russia is a distribution company that offers Meyra Group’s products to customers in the Russian Federation.
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Meyra Aps

Meyra Denmark is a distribution company that offers Meyra Group’s products to customers in Denmark.
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Alu Rehab AS - soon Meyra Netti AS

Alu Rehab AS (soon Meyra Netti AS) is a leading Norwegian manufacturer of Comfort chairs and seating/positioning systems.
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Alu Rehab ApS

Danish subsidiary of Alu Rehab specialised in logistic services for Meyra Group.
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Meyra Netti SAS

French distributor od Meyra Group products.
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Alu Rehab Co., Ltd.

Chinese manufacturer of selected products within Meyra Group.
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TA Service A/S

TA Service is a Danish manufacturer of High-End power chairs.
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